15 Jul 2009

Breaking through the barrier

Ok, i think after a few days of struggling i am hitting a bit of a barrier with my painting.

Other hobbyists i know personally seem to have the same problem occasionally too, where you sit down and KNOW that you only have a few bits to do or a couple of minis left to complete the unit/squad/army BUT you just cant find the Willpower to pick up that brush!

Suddenly that detail brush weighs a hundred tonnes and the momentum you had over the last couple of days or weeks comes grinding to a halt.

Right now i am there. I managed a few bits on a ganger and just about finished her, but i feel like i've just done a double shift at work! lol

I got some lighting strips that go under kitchen cabinets to light up my new painting space.

Unfortunately they are a little longer than i realised but will have to do for a little while until i can afford something more suitable (clicking the ads will help ;o) so please feel free! lol).

Other than the ablove ganger, I have one more that is nearing completion but i find myself avoiding it at the moment (see above) but will endevour to crack on and get her finished today/tomorrow.

Ill end with a couple of questions, do you ever hit this painting block? if so how what do you do to get yourself through?

Until next time folks....


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