29 Jul 2009


Finally finished my last commission work, so should have a little more time for painting my own stuff. Will post some pics once i know they have arrived and he's happy with them ;o)

So on the plus : more time for my own stuff

On the minus : no more cash for mini's :o(

And since i find text posts boring, here are a couple of pics of old stuff i have done ;o)




  1. That purple is very similar to what Im planning on for my Eldar army....someday....

  2. I have to admit i stole the eldar scheme from http://www.paintingclinic.com/ but it such a good colour to work with, that almost every model i have painted in the last 3 years has had the colour on it somewhere! tentacle pink is another colour that is really nice to work with too, I may do a slaaneshi army one day. Did a test chaos Marine a few nonths ago, will see if i can find him and get a pic.