18 Jul 2009

Have been side-tracked of late, after feeling disappointed with the last escher ganger i needed a break and decided to try and save my dried up GW paints.

I have been using Vallejo mostly of late so my poor neglected GW stuff was left to sit in a cupboard untouched for a year or so :o(

using a few drops of water and giving them a good shake and stirring, i managed to refresh 95% of my collection back to a good, usable standard.

to try and prevent the paint drying problem in the future i am gong to transfer all my GW paints over to Vallejo style bottles (which will help with getting my mixes right), and use an 8mm glass bead as an agitator to help keep the mix nice and even.

I have also decided to re-start my guard with a new scheme, the old ones i have done will be stripped and repainted after i finish painting up the unassembled stock i have.

The new scheme is based on the Cadian 122nd from the last rule book, but will use the winter scheme and will be renamed into my own regiment with its own history too no doubt.


Progress so far, need to do a little more work on the blue and the fatigues will be taken up to near white before i add the camo pattern.

I have never played Guard, either with or against! so need some help picking my army list so if you have any advise for an infantry heavy army list please feel free to comment!.

Until next time, The Emperor Protects.


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