26 Jul 2009


Had a play about with some bases again, and i am still not happy with them :o( best of the bunch was a pretty plain slate base but it really lacks any POP.

What do you guys think? Back to the drawing board?

One Torso Left to base coat, then I'll be churning them out and looking to get at least a whole squad done my next Sunday.
Will be doing some more work on them today and trying to think of some ideas for bases.

Providing my brain doesn't explode while trying to think, I'll catch you next time.



  1. Its looking alright man, everyone is too critical of their own work. If youre looking for some contrast or something, a little bit of flock/heather looking stuff on the base would work well methinks. Im actually quite interested in how you achive the snow effect on the bases...

  2. Snow is 50/50 mix of PVA glue and snow flock, the add enough water to make it a porridge consistency so it's not runny but not like dough.

    You need to play around a little to get the mix right, but when it is you can drop in on and it flows just enough to get a pretty realistic look.

    On the on this post it took 2 layers to make it look thick and fluffy.

    I made up half a plastic disposable cup's worth, which if coved up properly should last a week or so for wore applications. if it dries out a little just add more water.

    you can also add a little white or ice blue paint to the mix to enhance the colour a little.

    Hope that helps, think I will do a post on this with a couple of pics of how I do it.