24 Jul 2009

Okies, sorry for not blogging this week but work has been a real struggle and i have been so close to chucking it in and throwing a few very choice words at a couple of people i work with, but alas with a wife and 2 children to feed and water it is not an option.

So if anyone has a job that pays good money and needs someone willing to work damned hard for them, i'm your man! ;oD lol, if only it were that easy....

anyway, back on subject.

Got a load of vallejo bottles in the post today, so the gw paints will be moving into these shortly.

Have finished up the test guardsman, and although far from perfect i still quite like him. had a very quick play about with a snow base but it turned out pretty bad. I used the same method on my Ogre Kingdom army which i really liked but don't think it will work too well for my Guard army.
Sorry for the poor pics! but it's late and im tired!

Have 15 torsos primed and started with a base coat, so now that i am finished with the test mini i can start churning out a squad or two.

Have also been thinking about doing some snowmobile rough riders in keeping with the winter theme. One problem, i have no idea where to start or how i will do it! lol

Will get some better pics and some more painting and basing done on Sunday, tomorrow i am taking the kids to the seaside to build sandcastles, eat ice cream, play at the amusements and cry when it's time to go home ;oD

Until then, stay safe and always wear clean underwear



  1. hey, Im liking your guard test mini, he looks great
    get cracking with a squad!!

  2. A question, is how do you paint the arms separate from the body? I had planned to do it for my Vets, but I felt like I needed them in place so that I could pose the head and torso correctly!

  3. Hi,

    Luck and Blu-tack are my friends for posing.

    I build the whole model and reposition the parts until I am happy with how it looks.

    Once you know what you want and that it all fits together ok (or if not you can adjust and modify now), you can glue the legs body and head.

    The Cadian kit is all pretty standard so even though I will be painting up all the individual parts separately I know that they will all go together ok.

    I mounted the arms on a piece of sprue, primed and painted to match. having them on the sprue made painting a hell of a lot easier.

    Good luck with the vets, I look forward to seeing them ;oD