29 Aug 2009


Having been away for a couple of weeks due do a holiday and the dreaded MAN-FLU!! i have started to get back on with these chaps.

I got the production line all done to the point i just need to finish the last highlights on the armour and do the black and metal parts to complete (except for the arms), so with a little luck i should have the rest finished shortly.

On the plus side to being ill, i managed to read all 5 Temeraire books and really enjoyed the lot! can go a bit off the pot and slow sometimes, but is usually made up for later on.

One weird thing reading these, was while at my worst, i had a fever dream in which i could only dream about a small section of ship rigging all night! I woke up screaming in frustration a couple of times as i could not dream or think of anything else! lol. bloomin' nelson and napolean should have had the decency to invet tanks and planes if you ask me!