20 Sep 2009


Here is what i am thinking of doing for my heavies:
Crazy flaming head guy is for scale, plus he looks damn cool! ;oD

will magnetize the weapons so they can be swapped out, but the big problem i will have is getting tracks for them as Bitzbox and BitsandKits have been out of stock for yonks :o(

What do you guys think? shall i do these for all my heavy teams or should i just use normal set using cities of death bits for cover and etc... ?


1 comment:

  1. yeah go for it, they will look awesome. where in the world are you? I have loads of spare track pieces I could send you in a swap for some bitz? comment bk over at my blog as I'l probably forget to check bk here!
    Love the squad by the way, how long would you say you average on each guard mini?
    Craig @ cadian8th