28 Nov 2009

Actually played a game of something!

Got a big shock last Saturday when my wife read on the GW website that they had just opened a store just down the road from me! So I jumped in the car and sure enough, a shiney new store for me to play in!

I took my ogres down for veterans night and got shot to peices by a high elf army >:o( lol.
Was a good game, but i was so rusty it was unreal! not having played a core GW game in about 3 years, what should i expect ;o) hopefully as the weeks go on the rust will disappear or can be painted over and hidden enough to get by ;oP

On the painting front I have got the ice blues finished on the remaining 3 troops in my platoon command and squad and should have them finished by tomorrow night.


Oh! and on a begging note, does anyone have a spare banner like my bearer has above? I need another 5 for the rest of the platoons. Have plenty of bits to trade, so feel free to get in touch.

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  1. My first visit here... You got a great blog! Nice tips and great ideas. Also like your paintings very much.

    Thanks for this :)

    (Sorry, I don´t have any banners like that one :)