18 Jun 2010


Have been lost in real life boring stuff and not had much of a chance to get any pics taken.

Hob goblins are nearly done for the chaos dwarf team i am working on and i will be cracking on with them and the rest after i move house next week.

The lizards are giving me a real headache trying to get them to look right, and have been stripped and re-painted a couple of times already. I am going to paint up a couple of different scheme to see if i can find something that works better.

I have a tonne of packing and moving to do, and it will take a few weeks to get internet up and running in the new house, but once it is i should hopefully have plenty of pics to post for you all.

Sorry for the boring all text in this post, i'm back off to do packing and will hopefully speak to y'all soon!

I'll be back.....

....Shortly ;o)

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