24 Jul 2011

Finished some and started some more

Finally finished the Heroquest greenies:

Have also finished the barbarian, alchemist and fool:
Goldar the Barbarian - Reaper Miniatures

  Damiel, Iconic Alchemish - Reaper Miniatures

Jules le Jongleur - Games Workshop

And as I have been bitten by the painting bug, I have started a couple more minis to use in future games:
Converted Captain of the Empire - Games Workshop

Finari, Crusader Hero - Reaper Miniatures

  Anduriel, elf warrior - Reaper Miniatures

  Kara Foe Hunter - Reaper Miniatures

Mites - Reaper Miniatures

More to follow as long as the painting bug continues to burrow down into my brain...


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