29 Aug 2011


 Hi folks,

The Eldar are coming along nicely, the farseer is finished and the warlocks should follow shortly,

Have got the base coat and first wash on the Screaming Banshees. I have started blacking out the weapons and gems, I will finish that and then get on with building up the bone colour on their suits.  


I have also got the Dark Reapers and Warp Spiders primed and ready to start. For some reason the Matt primer i used came out shiny, so i will have to go over them with some watered down black or maybe some matt varnish.  

Next up, I have been doing a little bit of work on my Imperial Guard in between Eldar sessions. I went back and changed the plasma colour on one of the older models from orange to turquoise as it seemed to fit a little better.

Next up are 6 guardsmen that I managed to finish, nothing too special, but it means I'm that little bit closer to complete ;)


Also put some base colours on the Ogryn.

On the base front, I just cannot justify the cost of buying the resin bases (to my wife anyway!), so I will need to make my own. The choice is to go with the slate bases or maybe go back to my original urban bases (way back when my guard were red!); what do you guys think? or do you have any better ideas?

And finally here are a couple of pics my objective markers and some pics or my Marbo.   
I need to track down another aquila to finish the Objective markers off, it's the one from the Apocalypse vehicle command sprue, if you spot one let me know!

I still need to come up with a good name for the army, does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking along the lines of the Cadian 24th "Dire wolves", but if anyone has a good name feel free to post it.

Until next time..


20 Aug 2011

Painting dark flesh my way

 Just a quick post,

I had a request over on DakkaDakka on my tutorial for painting faces, they wanted to know if it was possible to use the technique to paint dark skin tones.

Answer = Yes!

Using the same technique from Painting Faces My Way to get dark skin tones and again using SWG to highlight. The pictures are a little dark and grainy im afraid, but they still show what you can acheive.
Using Dark Flesh as a base:

Using Scorched Brown as a base:

I love the way a face can really bring a model to life, as you can see below; although they are not fully painted the painted heads bring the WIP guardsmen to life.

19 Aug 2011

Troops on Parade

Howdy folks,

Have been up to a few different bits and pieces since the last post, mostly trying to sort through the stupid amounts of bits and figures that I have stored in an even stupider amount of odd containers.

First up I rolled out the troops to see what I need to build up next and tally up what I actually have points wise to field:

So the count is at 152 models and the point count comes in at 163.

I have no vehicles in the army as yet, but will get some big guns to launch some long range destruction across the board before the combined fire of the infantry begins to rain down. I also need to sort out a couple of units with a bit more staying power than a normal guard unit that will take and hold an objective until the reinforcements can get there to back them up. 

Will post my list in the comments for this post, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free  to leave a post.

As you can see in the pics, most need finishing and I am still not sure what I am going to do about basing them; I was going to buy a load of snazzy bases from Secret Weapon, Dark Art or Dragon Forge but just can't fund it. They are playable at least and legal, so I will try and get a game in at some point over the next couple of weeks.

Next up, I have had some Eldar to do for a commission job. I was sent the Farseer and Warlocks, Harlequins, Banshees, Reapers and Warp Spider boxes.  


Started on these and I am hoping to have these done over the next week or two, then on to the next box :)

The Ogres came out of the dip and are ready to be primed and repainted once I have some time.

Finally, after seeing all my guard lined up and having a flick through the guard codex, I decided to make a Nork Deddog to help protect my commanders.   
A little rough, but I quite like him. I slimmed him down a fair bit by shaving down his gut and love handles so he is a bit more trim (shame I can't do that in real life!). Not perfect but I will keep working on im until I can make something better.

Thats enough from me,

Thanks for stopping by :)


1 Aug 2011

Ogre Stew

Decided that my Ogres need to take a dip to strip them of paint so I can start over again.
I had hoped spraying over them would save me some time, but my airbrush had a bit of a hissy and they didn't turn out as I hoped. They came out with a rough texture that seeped out the colours to spread into areas I didn't want the paint going to.
So the trusted dettol has been called in to strip them down. 

The Ogre on the left was my test (skin tone only), which came out really smooth but the one on the right is a bit sketchy. I will leave them to soak over night in the Dettol and give them a good scrub in the morning.

Painting wise, I finished up the Captain of the Empireand made a start on Finari. Happy with the captain, but Finari is a little rough and may go for a dip too if im still not happy with her after a little more work.
Converted Captain of the Empire - Games Workshop

As always please feel free to post a replyor get in touch with any ideas, comments or critques you may have.

Until next time,