1 Aug 2011

Ogre Stew

Decided that my Ogres need to take a dip to strip them of paint so I can start over again.
I had hoped spraying over them would save me some time, but my airbrush had a bit of a hissy and they didn't turn out as I hoped. They came out with a rough texture that seeped out the colours to spread into areas I didn't want the paint going to.
So the trusted dettol has been called in to strip them down. 

The Ogre on the left was my test (skin tone only), which came out really smooth but the one on the right is a bit sketchy. I will leave them to soak over night in the Dettol and give them a good scrub in the morning.

Painting wise, I finished up the Captain of the Empireand made a start on Finari. Happy with the captain, but Finari is a little rough and may go for a dip too if im still not happy with her after a little more work.
Converted Captain of the Empire - Games Workshop

As always please feel free to post a replyor get in touch with any ideas, comments or critques you may have.

Until next time,



  1. At first glance that photo of the pink and blueish ogres being stripped looked like some kind of asia octopus/squid seafood thing!

  2. Lol, it does!

    that or a weird seafood soup I had in portugal that had fish eyes and tentacles floating about in it :)