11 Sep 2011

Getting there...

Hi folks, 

Just finished off The Mighty Zug, who will be off to join the rest of his team shortly. I had a lot of fun painting him up, although I do want to get a new Blood Bowl team now!

Next up, I finished the Eldar Farseer and Warlocks. I haven't done much freehand work before, but I am pretty happy with how these have turned out. These will be flying back to Germany tomorrow.

 Still Have more Eldar to finish, which I hope to get done over the next couple of weeks as my desk is pretty swamped at the moment!

On the Imperial Guard front, I swapped some space marines for some glory boys and a commissar. The Kasrkins need to be stripped and tidied up a little before i do anything with them.

The commissar was ready to start work on straight away, I have done the face, red trim/lining and gem on his belt so far. Still a lot more work to go but I'm happy with him so far.

And finally, I just wanted to put up pictures of an up and coming gamer and painter;
 My Son's first ever painted mini's :o) 

I know I am biased but for the first ever attempts of a 5 year old, I think they are great! and now that my daughter has seen his efforts she now wants a go too :oD

Next post, I hope to have another unit of Eldar finished and maybe a little bit of guard.

Stay frosty people.


  1. that commissar looks great, and well done to the kids!
    Craig @ www.cadian8th.blogspot.com

  2. A nice variety of models there, really liking the Eldar with the crisp armour & robes.

    Your son's painting is a lot neater than mine and I am 5 times his age I sure with your encouragement he will be a great painter.