5 Sep 2011

Quick update


I have nearly finished the warlocks, just need some neatening up and final highlights, then they are ready for a varnish and shipping.

The free hand was fun to do, and good practice for the harlequins that are waiting for me to start.


I received an email last week from the chap who bought my Human Blood Bowl team, asking if I wouldn't mind painting up a Mighty Zug for him on commission to match the team. He arrived late last week and I have done a little work on him between real life stuff and painting the Eldar.

 The face is nearly finished and I am quite happy with it so far, I think he does look a little like De Niro in Frankenstein or Pete Postlethwaite maybe! The uniform and armour are only base coated at this stage, but he is coming along nicely.

On the Imperial Guard front, all is quiet as I haven't had much time for them. I need some more models but am lacking the funds for now, so have been thinking about getting rid of the odds and sods I have in my various bits boxes as well as some of the random models I have laying around. Once I have cleared my commissions I may even offer to paint some mini's in exchange for some more guard, but that is a few weeks off. 

I still need to get another game in with my guard too, I have only played one game with this army and it was my first game playing 5th ed 40k!! Will have to see if i can drag Squig from Squig's Workshop over for a game or see if I can find some more local gamers to take on.

Anyway, real life beckons so I'll stop rambling and get off.

Next post soon,


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