24 Oct 2011

Commissar and Eldar WIP

Sorry for the lapse in posting, I have started my college course and have been a bit side-tracked lately.

I did manage to finish my guard commissar:

I'm pretty happy with how he has turned out, I may go back and touch it up in a few places but for now he is done.

Next up I have been cracking on with the Eldar:

The Dark Reapers are nearly finished, I just need to paint up their weapons and get them based. I went for Charadon Granite mixed with Bleached Bone for the highlighting instead of Shadow grey and I am glad that I did. I painted the rune/symbol on one of them and will add it to the rest of them as well.

 I have also been getting on with the Warp Spiders, they sill need a fair bit of work but should be done along with the Reapers in the next couple of days. 

I still have a tonne of college work to do on top of my painting, so I am trying to get my table cleared as soon as I can without rushing the paint jobs. I still have the Howling Banshees and Harlequins to go as well as my own armies, so I need to sort out a good time table to allow me the time for my hobby as well as my work.

Will try to post again next week, depending on how I do for time. I will also stick another couple of mini tutorials together when I get the chance.

Thanks for stopping by,