22 Jan 2012

Eldar update and random stuff

Been a while!

College and the holidays have both conspired against my blogging and hobbying, but i have finally found some time to do this post and even some painting!

I have some very rough pictures of what i have been doing in-between essays, assignments and being a dad. One day I will remember to look into setting up a light box or a photo spot in my little painting dungeon, any advice welcome!

First up some updated pics of the Eldar I have been working on:

Banshees need a little finishing and basing, then they are ready to go.

Warp Spiders, again, need a little bit of finishing (I messed up the symbol on a couple of their heads, that's why some look odd as they have only have a thin coat to cover the mistakes so far) and basing.

Dark Reapers are waiting for basing and their weapons.

Harlequins are coming along, have just put the halves together and finished the Death Jester/Troupe master (I'm not sure about the hierarchy of the Eldar). I am pretty happy with how they are going, I had been a bit nervous about getting under-way with them as the motley sections on them didn't look like much fun! Turned out to be easier than it looked and not nearly as time consuming as I had feared.

Was also sent a Wraithlord to paint up in the Iyanden* scheme:

Am still getting used to my airbrush, but love how nice the yellow came out! still a lot of work to do, extra armour and details still need painting blue, but so far so good!

Have been playing Pathfinder RPG quite a lot too recently and have to say, the more I play the more I love the system!

I freely admit that I was always dubious of those strange creatures that played RPGs and never imagined I would one day be one of them! as if painting and playing toy soldiers wasn't geeky enough! lol.

It has really helped that my first forays into playing RPGs were with two VERY experienced and fun GMs and both groups I played with were amazing! however I did meet a group that included the stereotypical gaming pair (like these guys Fear of Girls) and ran for the hills.

Anyway, enough rambling about it, I have painted a few characters up for my ongoing weekly session of Pathfinder but typically I don't have them with me. A couple were painted for the GM and his wife and the latest (Eando Kline) has come out really dark and grainy in the picture :( Again, I really need to sort out a light box or something!

Here are the pics anyway:

Finally, one of the best purchases I have ever made is the Pound-o-dice by Chessex. I got it from http://www.snmstuff.co.uk/ and oh biy was it worth it!

I got:

13 - d4
8 - numbered d6
14 - Standard size spot d6 - 1 with a dire wolf instead of a 6
1 - Large d6
5 - Small d6
8 - d8
22 - d10
3 - d%
8 - d12
30 - d20
Complete set of limited edition dice green numbers on cream with orange specks
3 Micro 5mm dice
and 2 craft/charm dice with holes through them to thread.

Not bad at all! and for all you war gamers, they do a pound-o-d6 too :)

Hopefully the next update won't be too far away, will do my best.

Stay frosty people,