15 Feb 2012

Eldar, Pathfinder RPG and Bloodbowl

Hi folks,

Been a busy critter this week as it is half term break!

Managed to get the first batch of Eldar to a point where they just need some final highlights (Reapers) and the various gems finishing of (Harlequins). I even managed to crack on and make some good progress with the Wraithlord too!

They have all been based and once the final touches are done, will be winging their way back to their home :)

I have found that if I vary what I am working on, I seem to get more painting done. While finishing off the Eldar, I was also working on a couple of miniatures for my weekly Pathfinder game.

First up is Rhea, my Elven wizard - the model is Reaper Miniature's Jolie, Female Scribe. The mini is fantastic and another great example of their work! I needed to make only a couple of changes to her, her ear was a very round and human ear which needed some squashing with the side of my hobby blade to tease into an elfish point :) her sleeve also needed re-sculpting as well as the base  (Only gripe with Reaper is the pre-sculpted bases on some minis).

Next up, we have Henric my GM's character for when his wife (also a great GM) runs the weekly game of Pathfinder society. He is based on  Reaper's PaizoCon 2010 mini Grandmaster Torch, with a head swap for a GW head and a hood sculpted onto his cloak. The character is a brash and garish man, currently training to become a bloat mage and with a penchant for some seriously twisted "recreational" time.

Finally on the Pathfinder side, since the last post's pictures were so dark I tried to get some better picture of Eando Kline.

Still not having much joy in setting up a place to take decent pictures but I am working on it :)

I also received another commission job for a Bloodbowl team which I have just started building up. The zombies will all be converted to fit the Fantasy world's favourite sport a little better, you can expect to see a fair bit on these guys over the coming posts.

Also on the commission front, which came with the Wraithlord are some Hero Quest mini's from the Wizard expansion pack. Forgot to take any pics of them, but since they are just primed black at the moment, I am sure you can forgive me :)

Will be trying to get some more done before the end of the week and will try to remember to actually take pictures as I go through the different stages of painting! 

As always any comments, suggestions or questions are always welcome :)

Stay frosty people,


I saw War Horse the other week and it SUCKED! big time. Save yourself a couple of quid and go see the Muppets instead :)


  1. Would those be Willy Miniatures Golems and Werewolves by any mischance?

    1. why yes, I do believe that they are :)

      Next post is going to have a breakdown and some links, they are really nice minis :) and I am looking forward to working with them.