20 Apr 2012

Hero Quest and Blood Bowl

Howdy folks!

Have been working hard on my college assignments and have even managed to fit a bit of hobby time around it too!

First up is the Hero Quest expansion figures to go with the set I finished last year:



Men at Arms


As you can see, they are coming along nicely and with a few finishing touches and finishing off the ogres, these very cool old school minis will be done :)

Next up I have the Blood Bowl team that I introduced in the last post, these have now had their bases filled with milliput and each of the players have a small magnet in there to stop the ball (also magnetised) from flying off under the table! 


 Magnetised bases

These are still in the early stages, but will have a lot more work done on them over the coming weeks. A few conversions to do on all of the zombie line men to make them a bit more Blood Bowl-esque and then it is time to lay some paint down on them.

Also on the workbench is a GW Undead Blood Bowl team, but my battery has died and my wife has "Tidied" the charger, so pics will follow on the next post. The team is built and primed and ready for a lick of paint.

Have a lot of college work over the next few weeks but should find some time to get these amazing minis sitting on my painting station done!

Until next time, 


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