29 Sep 2012

Oh dear, where has the time gone?!

Hi folks, 

You may not remember me, I'm Apoc and this is my blog, I know i haven't been here much lately but "Real life" seems to have stolen me away for quite some time...

Sorry it has been a while but life has really been hectic with finishing college, far too many hospital trips, starting University and trying to be a husband/father. More recently however it has been getting ready for my new baby daughter and future gamer and geek, just like her old man :)

Anyway, I have managed to get some painting done, albeit very slowly and far too little for my liking but with the baby now here I MUST get organized and get my paint station cleared of projects, commissions and unpainted miniatures! (sorry for the poor pics, it was getting dark)

As you can see things are in a fair bit of disarray! 

The work i have managed to do has been on the Necromantic team that has featured on this blog lately (relatively speaking of course!). First up a recap of the previously completed chaps:

I have got a few new recruits to add to them (sans bases):

The zombies are well on their way to being completed with only 3 left to paint up:

I have also put some work into the Werewolves, they need some finishing but are looking good so far (if i do say so myself):

Finally the back room staff: 

These will be get some paint as soon as i have rested up from the baby ordeal and i hope to have them done within the next few days.

Next up I have some more Hero Quest miniatures to paint in addition to some space crusade. the Hero Quest minis are to replace the last lot that i posted on here which Royal Mail kindly lost and I stupidly lost my receipt  (won't happen again couriers to be used from now on!) I have managed to track down replacements for most of them but still need some men-at-arms and the ogres for the Ogre Horde expansion.

I also put some paint to a stripped ogre from my huge army, the pics are bad and the mini is not finished but he will be the template for the rest of the big guy's' strip and repaint:

Right, I am off to get some much needed sleep, thanks for stopping by!