27 Jul 2010

Up and painting again!

Finally have Internet sorted after a nightmare house move!

I have fallen behind in my painting however :O(

The chaos Dwarfs are well on the way to being finished though. The Hob-goblins are all finished, 3 Dwarf players are waiting to be finished off and one of the 2 centaur torsos just needs finishing off.

All that remains then is the legs for the centaurs and the Minotaur, so I am hoping to get theses finished over the next couple of weeks and then devote all my spare time to getting the lizzardman team finished.

Then get on with my guard.

And my Ogres.

And my Necromunda.

And my Vampire counts.

And my Empire.

And my...    Well you get the point ;O)

Anyway, I'm off to work and then I'm back to painting tonight.