21 May 2012

Found some time!

Hi folks, 

I have finally managed to clear some time from my studies to get on with some hobby related fun! and have finally finished the second batch of Hero Quest miniatures to go with this lot, which I painted last year. they will be winging there way their way home in the next couple of days.

I have had some great fun painting these and although the minis are not the greatest sculpts ever produced, they are certainly iconic and will forever remind me of my childhood.

Next up, I have managed to get some colours laid down on the GW Undead team at last although not a lot as yet. I have a few days coming up that i can dedicate to getting some serious painting done and hope to get the two Blood Bowl teams well on there way. I started with a black base coat and they painted their flesh with a few thin coats of Dheneb stone, then washed with Leviathan purple and as you can see on one reworked the flesh with Dheneb stone once more leaving the shade in the recesses. I will be taking the skin tone up a little brighter and with white for the extreme highlights.

I am still working on the conversions for the zombies so no paint has been put down on the second team, with the exception of these two AWESOME minis! Only primed and inked at the moment but eventually they will be a patchwork of various shades of necrotic fleshy goodness and i can't wait to get on with them!

Well that's all for now, 

Stay frosty people.