6 Feb 2011

Build up!

Hi folks,

Sorry it has been a while, I have no idea where that time went!

Not a massive amount of progress in the last couple of months, but I have gotten through some of the models sat on my painting desk.

First up, I have finished Drogo my halfling barbarian for the D&D campaign I have been playing in.
 I also put the final touches on my wife's Escher gang for Necromunda!! these have only taken 5 or 6 years to complete! lol. Just have to finishing basing a few then varnish and I'm done with the pink ladies for good :)

Have also been touching up the random Reaper models sitting on my desk, the fighter is getting there but the rat has just had base colour and washes so far.
 On the Imperial Guard front, I finished 5 more grunts (forgot to take pics) and converted up a "counts as" Sly Marbo. As you can see he has only had a couple of case colours put on at the moment but I am really happy with how he looks. Oh and the weird grey box is his demo charge :) any C&C is appreciated.

And finally I have been cracking on with the Heroquest stuff from the last post, skeletons need their wood shafts touching up and then they are done, the mummies are finished, the elf is complete, the barbarian is nearly done, zombies are close to complete, chaos warriors will be started tonight and the wizard, dwarf and sorceror will be finished over the next couple of nights.

 That just leaves the big gargoyle, which I am still not sure how I am going to do him yet, but should be finished along with everything else by next weekend or maybe the following if anything pops up in "Real Life" :)

So all going well I should be posting again soon with updates or all going well the completed Heroquest and Necromunda gang!

Will see y'all then! as allways, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a post or send me a mail :)

Save me Jebus!