27 Nov 2010

Going old school

Hi folks,

Just a quick update on what i have been up to over the last few weeks, which to be honest isn't much :(

Have started a new commission on some of my favourite ever miniatures from the Heroquest box set!

Not a great deal done so far but until i received them i had forgotten how great that game was! I will have to get my copy back off of my younger brother :)

I have been doing some work on my Imperial guard too, trying to get a usable force up and running so i can take on some Orks a friend of mine.

Have to apologise for the really poor pics, the lighting here is a nightmare! I struggle to paint as it is so poor and the pictures fare little better :( but i will be relocating again in a few months so hopefully i can find a good painting spot in the new house!

Will try and get some more updates and better pictures up soon!


10 Oct 2010

Buttercup finished

Finished Buttercup, now I just need to get on and finish Drogo the Barbarian for Tuesdays session of D&D :)

The diamond on her wand looks pretty rubbish, so i will re-do that in a bit, but otherwise she is done.

7 Oct 2010

Couple more pictures

Just another quick post, to show a couple of the minis that i am working on at the moment.
The barbarian has just had base coat and a wash on the flesh but should be finished for my next D&D session :)
The rest are very much WIP but i will be working on them all over the next week or so.

Photobucket Photobucket
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6 Oct 2010

Guess who's back, back again...

Once again I have been away for a while, but am back and with a new hobby :)

I decided a few weeks ago that I would like to play D&D and after a bit of searching around I came across East Midland Roleplayers Gaming Group

After posting that I am completely new to D&D and in fact ALL role-play games, I soon found a game that was just starting up being run by Len (who also happens to be the main man for EMRGG). I was told I would need a Halfling or a Gnome character so I went for a Halfling Barbarian called Drogo Toe-Chomper (A nod to GRRM).

My first session I really enjoyed, the second even more and now as I wait for the 3rd, I find that I am becoming more than a little addicted to D&D!

Now coming from a miniature gaming background I obviously need a model to act as my avatar :) the options were pretty slim since there is only one company that I could find with a Halfling Barbarian - Heresy Miniatures Ghonad the barbarian :)

I ordered all three of the Halfling miniatures available at the time Ghonad, Van Halfling and Norko. I managed to get Drogo painted up in time for the first session (well  90% done and no basing)  and the other two were well on the way.

Unfortunately my wife thought it would be a great idea to throw the bubble wrap they were wrapped up in away!! I wasn't happy!

So I had to re-order the minis but now they come as a set of 4 and I now have "Buttercup, bringer of the Apocalypse" too :)

So at the moment I am painting up the Halflings and some other D&Desque figures I randomly had floating around in a couple of my figure boxes :)
Short people
Halfling Ready for painting

Painting cue
The current paint que, Drogo/Ghonad is at the front :) some Reaper Minis(i think) , Limited edition Necromancer, IG Senior Officer/Creed stand in and a test model for my Ogres.

As you can see in the picture, I have also been getting on with my Imperial Guard, painted up a couple more troops and have made a start on the Senior Officer/Creed count as. I have also started an Ogre test model (also in the picture), as I am thinking of stripping down and repainting all 3.5-4k of my Ogre Kingdom Army.

Too dark to take any good pictures at the moment, but I will try and get some more pics of everything tomorrow.

Sorry for the block of text, but I thought it better to post something rather than nothing :)



14 Aug 2010

Chaos Dwarf team done.

Finished the Chaos Dwarf team i have been doing, and am now ready to be getting on with the lizards.

These really were some gorgeous models and a real pleasure to paint.

Not much to say, so will leave this post (my 50th! wow!) short and sweet so i can get on with the next team :O)

Thanks as always for dropping by!


27 Jul 2010

Up and painting again!

Finally have Internet sorted after a nightmare house move!

I have fallen behind in my painting however :O(

The chaos Dwarfs are well on the way to being finished though. The Hob-goblins are all finished, 3 Dwarf players are waiting to be finished off and one of the 2 centaur torsos just needs finishing off.

All that remains then is the legs for the centaurs and the Minotaur, so I am hoping to get theses finished over the next couple of weeks and then devote all my spare time to getting the lizzardman team finished.

Then get on with my guard.

And my Ogres.

And my Necromunda.

And my Vampire counts.

And my Empire.

And my...    Well you get the point ;O)

Anyway, I'm off to work and then I'm back to painting tonight.


18 Jun 2010


Have been lost in real life boring stuff and not had much of a chance to get any pics taken.

Hob goblins are nearly done for the chaos dwarf team i am working on and i will be cracking on with them and the rest after i move house next week.

The lizards are giving me a real headache trying to get them to look right, and have been stripped and re-painted a couple of times already. I am going to paint up a couple of different scheme to see if i can find something that works better.

I have a tonne of packing and moving to do, and it will take a few weeks to get internet up and running in the new house, but once it is i should hopefully have plenty of pics to post for you all.

Sorry for the boring all text in this post, i'm back off to do packing and will hopefully speak to y'all soon!

I'll be back.....

....Shortly ;o)

13 May 2010

Started my Blood Bowl Commissions

Have been busy in real life the last couple of weeks  but have managed to finish blacking out the rest the lizardmen team's  metal sections and will start on the skin this weekend.

I have finished a hobgoblin and 80% of a dwarf player for the chaos dwarfs

Still have a couple of bits to tidy up on them, but i am really happy with the look and scheme.

I will try and get some more done on both teams this weekend and will try and post a bit more often, real life permitting.

Will keep this post short and sweet by finishing here.

So long and thanks for the fish