21 Mar 2010

Quick and blurry update

Not the greatest pics but here are the sniper, vox operator and the start of the melta gunner



Sorry for the poor quality, I need to get some cash together for a new camera, tripod and beeter lights! lol, thats alot of smurfs to paint ;o)

Will try and finish off the squad today and tomorrow, then it is on to my commander.

I'm thinking of doing his coat in camo to match the rest, but instead of blue blobs they will be aquila's if i can manage the freehand. Failing that i could try the FW brass etch which will be easier to paint put really fiddly to apply i should imagine.

What do you guys think?


20 Mar 2010

More from me soon

Sorry about the lack of bloggage? (is that a word?) I have been buried in some commission work for a friend, and have had very little time for my own stuff.

I have finished a sniper and am working on a vox operator for the second platoon command, photos will be on tomorrow.

Unless some more commission work pops up i should be back and blogging regularly again .

Until then, stay frosty people