18 Sep 2011

THQ - Space Marine

Sorry, not a painting or hobby post.

I finished Space Marine earlier today on my PS3 and all I have to say is

So much potential, and completely let down in the execution and story :o( hopefully there will be a sequel and they will come up with something a lot better.

I enjoyed playing the early levels, but the rest not so much; which seems to be the general consensus with most of the reviews for it, and the fact that I cant play it online doesn't help much either.

4 out of 10
(rent it don't buy it)

Normal blogging service will resume shortly.

11 Sep 2011

Getting there...

Hi folks, 

Just finished off The Mighty Zug, who will be off to join the rest of his team shortly. I had a lot of fun painting him up, although I do want to get a new Blood Bowl team now!

Next up, I finished the Eldar Farseer and Warlocks. I haven't done much freehand work before, but I am pretty happy with how these have turned out. These will be flying back to Germany tomorrow.

 Still Have more Eldar to finish, which I hope to get done over the next couple of weeks as my desk is pretty swamped at the moment!

On the Imperial Guard front, I swapped some space marines for some glory boys and a commissar. The Kasrkins need to be stripped and tidied up a little before i do anything with them.

The commissar was ready to start work on straight away, I have done the face, red trim/lining and gem on his belt so far. Still a lot more work to go but I'm happy with him so far.

And finally, I just wanted to put up pictures of an up and coming gamer and painter;
 My Son's first ever painted mini's :o) 

I know I am biased but for the first ever attempts of a 5 year old, I think they are great! and now that my daughter has seen his efforts she now wants a go too :oD

Next post, I hope to have another unit of Eldar finished and maybe a little bit of guard.

Stay frosty people.

5 Sep 2011

Quick update


I have nearly finished the warlocks, just need some neatening up and final highlights, then they are ready for a varnish and shipping.

The free hand was fun to do, and good practice for the harlequins that are waiting for me to start.


I received an email last week from the chap who bought my Human Blood Bowl team, asking if I wouldn't mind painting up a Mighty Zug for him on commission to match the team. He arrived late last week and I have done a little work on him between real life stuff and painting the Eldar.

 The face is nearly finished and I am quite happy with it so far, I think he does look a little like De Niro in Frankenstein or Pete Postlethwaite maybe! The uniform and armour are only base coated at this stage, but he is coming along nicely.

On the Imperial Guard front, all is quiet as I haven't had much time for them. I need some more models but am lacking the funds for now, so have been thinking about getting rid of the odds and sods I have in my various bits boxes as well as some of the random models I have laying around. Once I have cleared my commissions I may even offer to paint some mini's in exchange for some more guard, but that is a few weeks off. 

I still need to get another game in with my guard too, I have only played one game with this army and it was my first game playing 5th ed 40k!! Will have to see if i can drag Squig from Squig's Workshop over for a game or see if I can find some more local gamers to take on.

Anyway, real life beckons so I'll stop rambling and get off.

Next post soon,