27 Nov 2010

Going old school

Hi folks,

Just a quick update on what i have been up to over the last few weeks, which to be honest isn't much :(

Have started a new commission on some of my favourite ever miniatures from the Heroquest box set!

Not a great deal done so far but until i received them i had forgotten how great that game was! I will have to get my copy back off of my younger brother :)

I have been doing some work on my Imperial guard too, trying to get a usable force up and running so i can take on some Orks a friend of mine.

Have to apologise for the really poor pics, the lighting here is a nightmare! I struggle to paint as it is so poor and the pictures fare little better :( but i will be relocating again in a few months so hopefully i can find a good painting spot in the new house!

Will try and get some more updates and better pictures up soon!



  1. Hey, nice! The Human Mage from Heroquest is sitting right here next to me. Very nice paintjob on the Cadians too. Keep up the good work! Why don't you use some day light buld, hey could help with the poor lighting issue.

  2. I keep meaning to buy a couple but never remember when i get to the shops :) lol.

    Will try and get somesoon though, as i find it really hard to paint at the moment.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Great work so far!