28 Apr 2011

Sly Marbo and his merry men

Photobucket Decided on which army to go ahead with :)

Have also found my new bestest ever highlighting colour too whilst I was painting up my Sly conversion; Space wolf grey! Doesn’t drain the colour like white or bleached bone and is easy to work with for good looking results :)


At the minute, I am painting the base blue on all the chaps you can see in the picture. Very boring and slow going but it needs t be done. They were all sprayed with my airbrush for the grey when I first got it, using the same colours as by hand; I work from codex grey up to fortress grey. The blue starts with fenris grey and goes up through shadow grey to space wolf grey.

I did mean to put some tutorials up, if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll see what I can knock together :)

Anyway, back to the grind!



  1. Awesome! Guard Infantry for the win!

  2. yeah tutorials would be wicked.
    still cant get enough of that marbo conversion, the model really is just perfect!
    craig @ cadian8th

  3. still interested in tutorials. You have the best looking guard on the net!

  4. Thanks guys, I will see what i can do for you :)

    Anything in particular you'd like to see?