7 Aug 2009

Pics tomorrow

hi folks, been a while since my last post, but i will have some stuff up for you tomorrow.

Been working on 15 bodies and legs in one go, but in the future it will only be 5 at a time so i can do some blogging with progress to show!

will pick what heads i want for them and paint them and the camo tomorrow.

I like painting heads and faces, so should be done pretty quickly, then i just have arms and gear to go on the belts, which wont take long to do at all.

Have been thinking about what i can do for any vehicles i may add, in terms of fitting them to my scheme. I found this Valkyrie (i plan to have a few of these eventually)

Looks fairly straight forward and will tie in nicely i think, although my pin up will be from a weird book i read a month or so ago "Island of the sequined love nun" by Christopher Moore - Not the best book i have read of his (A dirty job) but i like to work book references into my armies ;o)

Have Been Reading LOADS lately, I bought myself the Sony Reader and think i love it as much as my ipod if not more!

In the Last Month I have Read:

All the Dexter books (except the latest which is due in ebook soon) - The killer in the second book is COOOOOOL and what he does to people is gruesome to the extreme! i can't think of anything worse than what he does to his victims! - well worth picking up the trilogy book just for that!

All the Soul Drinkers books - Not bad, kind of loses its point and direction a few times through out, is a bit obvious in places and not going to set the world on fire for originality... ...but, i like them! they are like old ARNIE films, you know he cant act too great and is given corny one liners as if the writers don't trust him to manage a whole paragraph of text! but it just works! it's no brainer fun with a big gun!

A couple of zombie books that were awful, Dead Sea -Brian Keane and Dead City - Joe McKinney. Really wish i hadn't!

Bret Hart's autobiography - which i was suprised with how much i liked it, well worth a read.

And finally i am 3/4 of the way through His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik.
WOW! havn't been able to put it down! Set in Nepolionic times, but with Dragons! well written and easy to follow even though navel battles never really had any appeal to me, and fantasy not being my first choice of genres, it is written in a way that makes them enjoyable and engrossing.

Oh, gone off on a book club rant but never mind ;o) ill do some painting and get some pics up tomorrow to make up for my rambling, i promise!

Until then readers, Eat drink and be Merry!


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