25 Apr 2010

Break from the norm

Hi folks,

Been a while again! i'm a bad bad blogger for which i am very sorry :o)

I have had a bit of a burn out with my guard army and before i lost all interest in them i decided to get on with a couple of other bits and have a break from the ice blue menace.

First up i have 3 Gangers for my wife's necromunda gang to finish which just need a few details finishing up.

A couple of weeks ago some one kindly sent me 1k of vampire counts for nothing! so they have become my wife's fantasy army.
As i already have a my own big project in the guard army for 40k, the VC are getting a quick and dirty dipping but to keep them "Pretty" for my wife will have autumnal scenic bases.

I also have a couple of commission jobs for blood bowl teams that have come in.

First up is a Lizardman team for Chris,

We are still working out the scheme for these very cool (and some what rare i believe) models, so i have just started blocking out the parts that will be metallic with black to give the metal some oomph when it is done.

The second team I am working on is a chaos dwarf team for Matt.

These gorgeous minis are from www.gaspez-arts.com, and i am really looking forward to working with them.

One small problem i noticed after priming was that there are a few gaps and joins that need a little bit of green stuffing to smooth out.

Unfortunately the way the centaurs fore legs are put on their sprue means you end up taking a small chunk off of the top of the leg, which is only a small job and the only problem i have had with assembling the team.

Overall i am very impressed with them and will be spending a few pounds Gaspez Arts myself.

The hob-goblins will be a very pale/sickly green shade as Matt wanted a something a bit different to the normal gobbos.

Ok, thats about all from me at the moment but i will be posting the progress on here, as and when it is done.



  1. I really like what you've done with the Vampire Counts dark woods. Kiwi, one of your forum members has done something very similar with his High Elves White Lions. Check this out:-

    Vampire Counts and High Elf terrain and scenery

    Nice blog. I've added myself to your followers, keep up the good work,

    my Warhammer blog

  2. Hi,

    good to see, that all my Chaos Dwarfs are in good shape. Hope you have a lot of fun to paint them for me. Can't wait to hold them in my hands.