22 Jul 2011

Just a quick update

Hi folks,

Not had much time for painting of late, but as my current contract is about to expire at work i will have lots of time to get on with it from next friday!!

I have almost finished the Goblins, Orcs and Femirs; which will be winging their way back on Monday if all goes well this weekend.

The pictures are a bit dark, but i will get some new ones taken tomorrow afternoon and with a camera that is actually charged so i don't have to rush them!

I have also started to repaint my Ogre kingdoms army, going for more human flesh tones this time around. Once painted up, they will likely go up on EBAY to help fund my return to full time education.

Next up, I have been playing alot of Pathfinder games with an amazing GM called Crispy over the last few months, and have of course needed some miniatures to act as my avatars in the games!

This was to be Baal's (my Barbarian from a previous post) replacement mini, but on his first trip out in place of the Big Boris model, he went and died! so painting was aborted for now! until his cousin Biil comes out of hiding maybe :)

Next is my new main charater, Darius the fool. He is a courtly fool in training and has joined the pathfinder society to witness and be part of great adventures so that he will have stories and tales to entertain and thrill his honoured hosts of the future! as long as he can remember to get out of the way of the fighting! still in progress but will be finished soon.

Last up is Damiel the alchemist pregen, who sometimes acompanies us when we are a player short :) was just a nice model and is more fun to use than a random orc warrior that was spare from the GM's figure box! Needs a little more work and basing.

No work on my guard to report, i want to get the greenies finished and away, and get the Ogres up to scratch as soon as possible. More painting should hopefully mean more posts! but i always say that!

Until the next post, may the dice gods be with you....


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