19 Jun 2012

Champions of Death

One Blood Bowl team finished and on it's way home.
These guys were a real treat to paint and I think they look pretty good (if I do say so myself!).

Now that I have finished the Champions of Death I can really crack on with the Necromantic team. I finished the second flesh golem and have made a start on a few more minis too.

Base coated and inked the armour of these guys, the cloth will be green and the ornamentation will be done in gold. Still early stages but will come together soon enough.

THese Ghouls are again base coated and will be done in the same colours as the rest of the team but with a greyish highlight to the flesh , similar to the ghouls in the other team. 

These guys have not been started in earnest just yet but since they are cool minis, I had to get a pic of them up! looking forward to getting some paint down on them!

Have pretty much finished college now and have a couple of months free to get on with my hobby stuff, so fingers crossed i will get some work done at a reasonable pace now. 

I have also been looking back at my Imperial Guard and will likely get back on track with those guys soon, it has been a while and there are still plenty of minis that need finishing (well it is an all infantry army, durrr!). Will get some pictures up as soon as i can and I may even set up a website for my hobby and painting stuff if i feel it will get any traffic, the hardest part is coming up with a name! and on the subject of names, my guard still remain without one set in stone. I was thinking of Cadian 249th "The Ice Raptors" or something of that ilk; what do you guys think? any suggestions?

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