27 Jun 2009

7 to go!


So after finishing the leader earlier today, i have been working a production line on the remaining 7 gangers.

  1. I painted the bases black - i had added some resin metal plates, grilles and assorted junk along with fine sand on the rest of the base to give them a suitably industrial look when painted up later.
  2. Painted the blue cloth and plates - the areas were already based in VGC magic blue, on top of which went VGC Electric Blue and VMC Sky Blue. Will need final highlights later on, but this makes life a little easier as i can cover any accidents while doing the smaller fiddly bits a hell of a lot easier.
  3. Washed the skin - Skin was all based in Tallern Flesh GW foundation which i have washed with the citadel washes. I wanted to try a few variations to see the effect on the skin tones when finished so used Leviathan Purple, Badab Black, Gryphonne Sepia and Devlan Mud in various mixes.
Tomorrow and maybe for a little while tonight, i will try and get on with painting the skin.
Flesh tones i find a real joy to paint, which is a little weird since so many people i see on forums and who i know personally seem to really hate doing them! Maybe I'm just weird but does anyone else out there like paint the flesh more than the rest of the model? Maybe i should find someone who only likes painting the rest and form a killer tag team ;)

Anyway... that's it for now, ill stick a blurry picture up of the 7 remaining ladies shortly. It will be blurry as i have lost my pop-up light box and the lighting in my house is PANTS, but blogs are a bit tedious with nothing to break the text so will have to do for now. will take a clearer pic on the morrow, ooh arr ooh arr ooh arr.



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