27 Jun 2009

And so it begins....

I have set up this blog to document my attempts at painting and modelling to the tune of games workshop games.

I am a very average painter, but endeavor to get myself up to being a Good painter. I have no delusions of getting a golden daemon or winning awards, i would just like to produce some nice pieces and who know maybe even play a game one day!

I have tried in the past to blog on various forums including Work_in_progress, Heresy Online, Talkbloodbowl to name a few. The idea is that this will be my central place to post my latest progress, rants, queries and questions.

If you see anything i do that you like, please let me know ill be happy to go into more detail. On the other side of the coin, if you see anything i could be doing to improve what i am doing, please feel more than welcome to tell me so (constructive please, i know i suck and don't need any extra reminders of that! lol).

Rather than post a tonne of back dated stuff on here, i am just going to link to my most recent threads on Heresy Online, as they cover the more upto date stuff that i have done. If i come across any old pics of previous work and figs they may get posted but as my system and photobucket are so messy it may be a little while!

So here are my most recent projects:

My Blood Bowl Team - Complete, will take new pics and put in a gallery at a later date.
Ogre Kingdoms - 90% complete, not great pics but i will do what i can to remedy that.
Imperial Guard - My long standing WIP, i started these years before they were re-released and will be back working on these very soon i hope!
My Wife's Necromunada Gang - another long running WIP but nearing completion. These are my current victims and i WILL finish these before moving on, unless i get bored or do something else ;)

I also have a WIP space marine company sat in my cases that have never been posted anywhere, but that may change if i get the time.

Right, that's it for now. Thanks for looking,


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