3 Jan 2016

Erm, hello.

Hi folks it has been an AAAAAGE! but i am actually still alive, still kicking and still painting.

Life caught up to me in a big way and painting fell off while i dealt with it. nothing bad, no sob stories to share and no massive dramas. Just life  :)

Painting has been going on in the absence of posting but unfortunately most of it is away with friends and customers already and with no foresight in taking pictures of them first. D'oh!

But I am back in the saddle, paint has been flowing and a couple of commissions are in  various states of progression. My Guard army are a few figures closer to being finished but still a couple hundred to go ;)

My painting dungeon is now my office for work too and is now slightly tidier than previously posted :)

The only thing i am struggling with getting decent lighting for taking pictures of my minis so if anyone out there has a suggestion give me a shout out!

Stay frosty and i'll hopefully i'll be back with some pics and progress to share!


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