5 Jan 2016

Taking pictures

Hello Internet, 

Following on from my last post, today while sat at my desk, I have been playing around with lighting and pictures. 

I was hoping to use a couple of different minis to get a better feel for what will be my best setup (for now) but realised the case with my completed minis has been left at my gaming room where I run my Shattered Star Pathfinder campaign. I will stop by and grab it tomorrow and post some pictures of what I have been doing in my absence from the blog. 

As you can see from the images below, I have a bit more work to do as I just can't seem to find the right balance of lighting in my dungeon/office and still need to get the settings on my camera correct. 

I may have to re-invest in a light box, I had one years ago but it got lost in one of many moves, the last picture is ok but could be much better. 

The miniature used is Marcus from Malifaux. I painted him up to use as an unarmed Brawler Character in Pathfinder because I thought he looked pretty badass. To be fair most of the figures put out my Wyrd Miniatures are! He will probably also make an appearance as a mook/thug in the campaign I am currently running too. 

The campaign is only a few sessions in and so far the party have been beaten down by nearly every encounter they have had! Throw away fights with poo chucking goblins became life or death epics that were a lot of fun watch unfold. 

Another highlight for me was setting up some intros for my new players using their back stories. One guy is playing a barbarian who had been making money fighting for cash in seedy bars while waiting for assignment (The Shattered Star campaign has the party start as fresh minted Pathfinder agents) so I gave his character a little notoriety in the city's underground, going so far as to invite him to a big stakes tournament run by one of the bigger gangs in the area. 

I did this figuring he would follow the story, play through a few encounters and then we can have this tourney where he would get some added combat to fight out while the others can use the event as a fantastic way to gather information about local events and people. 

One problem, every encounter he ended up starting a fight with the local gangs and getting his arse handed to him. So the locals went from calling him Champ for his prowess to "Champ" as an insult in short order. 

I have also been toying with the idea of building some cool terrain to throw out at my PF games, having binge watched Drunkens & Dragons, go check it out, has some of the coolest advice and his live streams descend into hilarious drunken commentary on life, gaming and philosophy!

He uses terrain to great effect without taking away from the action/story in a way I think will really enhance my own games. So expect some scenery building posts in the future :)

Anyway, more posts to follow soon hopefully, until then stay frosty people, 


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