16 Jan 2016

Some stuff

As promised, here are a collection of minis I painted in my absence from the blog.

Some are quick rush jobs to get on the table others have had a decent amount of time spent on them, so this is a bit mixed lot all told.

First up we have my non-coms all from the awesome Hasslefree Miniatures, there stuff is fantastic and currently on of my "go-to" sites when i am dreaming up a new character or want something cool to paint.

Every campaign and adventure tends to feature a tavern or inn and putting these guys down really helps to flesh out an encounter. The kids are a particular favourite of mine as irl i have 2 girls and a boy with about the same age gap these guys have, call me sentimental :P

Next is another couple of NPCs that end up on my tables quite often. 

First up is "Running away from a giant" man from the Games Workshop giant kit. he is an accessory piece to the Giant in said kit but he is the perfect representation for a whole host of NPCs like captive, village idiot, coward soldier and any number of other NPC roles. He has seen a lot of tabletop use in The Crypt of the Everflame Module from Paizo, as Roldare a lone survivor of a terrible event that has left him a little unhinged. It is a module i have run 7 or 8 times and every time i unpack him it's like finding an old friend!

Second of the the two is this chap, a very plain paintjob but again, this is a versatile NPC taking the role of executioner, village idiot and henchman extraordinaire! a fun mini from Hasslefree. He also makes me giggle as he reminds me of one of the gamers i regularly play pathfinder with.

Next up is Seraphine, my Oracle Character for Pathfinder Society, the mini is a bit battered as she has seen a few games and a couple of less than careful games have "Ooops..." and dropped her! Marbella from CMON's exclusives, the sculpt is beautiful and she was a real pleasure to paint.

She has been a fun character to play too, an oracle of wind her hair is always moving as if blown in a gentle breeze or as if she is trapped in a shampoo advert :P An Aasimar of immense beauty, until you notice her lame and mangled leg as she walks. Her allure is somewhat lost as once noticed it is hard to see anything other than the twisted and misshapen flesh of her limb. 

The mini was too nice to ruin a leg to match the character but it still works i think :)

This is the Pathfinder Iconic character Lem, A halfling bard by Reaper Miniatures.

This was a lot of fun to paint and great practise for some freehand patterns on his coat, trousers and handkerchief. I would love to paint the rest of the iconics eventually (had done Damiel the Alchemist previously HERE) if funds and time allow.


This red-headed fellow if my Cleric character named Cook. He was quickly converted from Dirk, Male Rogue by  Reaper Miniatures and some bits I bad in my extensive bits boxes from my war-gaming days. His hand looks pretty bare and with good reason, he used to wield his god's favoured weapon of a small hammer but it was knocked off a while back and never replaced. 

This young lady had been kicking around in my spare minis box for years before finally being painted up. She is another Reaper Minis (Laurana, Sorceress) and the sculpt is pretty decent with the exception of her raised hand which looks like all her fingers over run over by a cart.

Besides the hand I quite like her, I am thinking she'll be the Sorcerer Alicia Week ;)

This shady looking character if Frankie, a Varisian thug i use in my Shattered star campaign as nearly every mook in the city of Magnimar. Every Frankie is related and part of one of the many gangs in the city and they all speak with a very bad New York/italian street thug accent "Ay Frankie look at this guy..." "Ooh Frankie C ain't gonna be happy with this.." stolen from every good and bad gangster flick. Some are called Tony or Gino for variety every so often too. 

The mini is from Reaper, Dub Bullock, and was a joy to paint as he has bags of roguish charm waiting to be brought out.

Next up is Dolph, a 5 minute conversion from a shaved down Dark Angels 40k body and some bits from the bits box and not much longer on the paint job. All in i think i spent about 30 minutes on him in total, not the most polished mini or paint job but he worked perfectly as a Tiefling magus for the game that night.

Next up is Vasquez, my new Ranger. My favourite class in Pathfinder, rangers are versatile and forgiving of my brain farts when in combat and this guy really captures the mysterious stranger that keeps people at a distance look perfectly. 

Kept a very limited pallet for this chap but unfortunately some of the subtleties is lost in my bad photography.

Finally, this is the Pathfinder Spy Mini from Reaper. She was sitting half finished on my desk for several years but finally finished a little while ago. 

She was fun to paint and it was the first time i ever used elf flesh as a base paint colour in all my years of painting! random but true :P

That is a chunk of what i was up to while away from the blog, there was a lot more but most was commission work or work for my friends that went out without pictures being taken :(

Hopefully i shall have some new stuff to show off in the following weeks and I have started taking more commissions on again so I will make sure to get something up soon. 

I now take single miniature commissions where you can give me your character concepts and i will source, build, convert and paint your RPG characters in addition to the usual Teams, Armies and War bands.

Prices are available on request.

As always I love to hear from folks that stop by, so say hi below or drop me an email :)

Until next time folks, stay frosty!


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