3 Jul 2009

Plodding along

Ladies all have snazzy hair colours now, although i never did get round to highlighting the leathers so that will be the next task.






Been reading the Soul Drinkers book and have to say i am impressed! Well written and rolls along at at good pace, well worth a look if you haven't already
My package containing the figure i plan to decapitate for my Imperial Guard's Heroic Senior Officer arrived today, and i cant wait to get back to them!

But first things first, i have to finish these Escher gangers!!

See ya again soon i hope,


1 comment:

  1. Blimey, nicely painted Apoc. Do you fancy entering the forum painting comp:-


    We're excepting 40k minis now too (although 40k pics won't make it into the final forum slideshow because we're a Fantasy battle site really)

    Deadline is 7th July if you're interested. Get one of those unpainted Ogres out or some of those Empire bits ;) We need a pic of an unpainted mini in the above thread.

    All the best,